Hi, I'm Ev. I'm training to become a horsewoman. These are my adventures and misadventures. I'm green as hell, but so far, so good. I'm now learning from Bo (and sometimes his wife DeDe) at D&D Ranch in Pope Valley. I am extremely lucky to have this opportunity, I feel quite blessed, and I feel that they, and horses, have really turned my life around.
Solomon is my baby- a big old flea bitten grey Appendix gelding who is very kind and way too smart! I love him so very much. He is a rescue and was meant to be co-owned rehabbed, and maybe rehomed to a good home. He turned out to be over 25 years old with injuries that ultimately do not make him riding sound, so he is retired.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Quick note folks!

Very very very sorry for the long delay!
Next year I will have a camera again.

In the mean time, Solomon is getting A JOB!

We started his first ground-driving lessons yesterday. They were hilariously imperfect, mostly because of me not quite getting it, or figuring out how to communicate to Solly what he needed to do. His version of "upset" for this was to fall back into his "spin to face you on the forehand so you can't make me do anything" tactic. We'll work through that for sure.
His other tactic is to cuddle up to me all gentle and soft and making these whimpering sighs, nostrils flared, pressing against me all trembling and tense. "MOM I AM SCARED AND OVERWHELMED PLEASE MAKE IT STOP!

So we've pit in an order for adamantium heart shields for me, so that I may somehow resist is sad, sad pony pleas.

Meanwhile, we got him working with two reins eventually More on all that next time.

Someday he can PLOW. And even pull a CART. He'll have a job and he'll live longer. Yaaay! I want a Celtic war chariot. Can I get one of those?

See Ev.
See Kizim.
See Ev halter Kizim.
See Eve and Kizim walk down the road.
See Bull.
See big bull.
See Big bull see Kizim and Ev.
See Mares in pasture.
See mares charge to fence.
See mares bucking, farting, screaming, and running amok
See Kizim fight like a champion to Not Lose Her Shit.
See Kizim snort.
See Kizim giraffe neck.
See Kizim jig like a dressage horse.
See Ev.
See Ev desperately cling to the line while making soothing noises.
See Ev almost get trampled.
See Ev grab Kizim's mane and hold on for dear life, still letting the hose know that all is well
See horse eventually look aroung, realize bulls are gone, and grass s awesome.
Exciting day.

It was great to chat with bo bout so many things. Good night folks, more soon , maybe after the weeked,

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littledog said...

Right on, I can totally see Solomon as a driving horse. When you get your camera fixed, I'm expecting pictures of you and Sol driving a carriage full of retired folks in some kind of parade!