Hi, I'm Ev. I'm training to become a horsewoman. These are my adventures and misadventures. I'm green as hell, but so far, so good. I'm now learning from Bo (and sometimes his wife DeDe) at D&D Ranch in Pope Valley. I am extremely lucky to have this opportunity, I feel quite blessed, and I feel that they, and horses, have really turned my life around.
Solomon is my baby- a big old flea bitten grey Appendix gelding who is very kind and way too smart! I love him so very much. He is a rescue and was meant to be co-owned rehabbed, and maybe rehomed to a good home. He turned out to be over 25 years old with injuries that ultimately do not make him riding sound, so he is retired.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Tack giveaway day!

Today there was a big giveaway. People brought stuff they didn't use any more, and other boarders could take it if they wanted it. Anything that isn't taken will be donated to a horse rescue. Good stuff all the way around.

I gave a little foam wedge that ended up being too small for my saddle. I got some shampoo, some fungicide (in case he gets a fungal infection of some kind) and some hydrogen peroxide. I missed out on a dressage saddle. Blargh. Probably would have been too small for him anyway. If I rode English I would have been SET though, man there was so much English and dressage stuff there! Almost nothing Western.
Solly, for his part, was a pretty good boy except for a short "I'm not moving" incident. I tried a big new noisy weatherproof blanket with a closed front on him. Got it a while ago, but he hasn't needed anything that heavy. He looked at it funny and moved his head a bit while I put it on him, so it got a little stuck over his head, but he was a very good boy and just stood there until I got it off his face and on his body. What a good, calm boy!
Apparently he has been fighting with another horse over the new filly. Bad Sol. I don't know how I could stop him. :/
But he did have a buddy to hang out with today!

(Yeah, it was over 75 degrees at the barn today, and there were lots of flies! In November!)

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