Hi, I'm Ev. I'm training to become a horsewoman. These are my adventures and misadventures. I'm green as hell, but so far, so good. I'm now learning from Bo (and sometimes his wife DeDe) at D&D Ranch in Pope Valley. I am extremely lucky to have this opportunity, I feel quite blessed, and I feel that they, and horses, have really turned my life around.
Solomon is my baby- a big old flea bitten grey Appendix gelding who is very kind and way too smart! I love him so very much. He is a rescue and was meant to be co-owned rehabbed, and maybe rehomed to a good home. He turned out to be over 25 years old with injuries that ultimately do not make him riding sound, so he is retired.

Saturday, January 31, 2009


Today was sheath cleaning day.

Solomon was not in the mood today. Last time he was kinda into it, but this time, no-ho-ho-ho-noooooooo.

I actually managed to get one bean, but he had a much much bigger one up in there, and the cleansing had taken a LOOONG time, so he was SO THROUGH. Through enough to start cocking his leg in warning, and even to cowkick a couple of times, but at least not at me. I kept grabbing his ankle and making him put his foot down, which I think a less kind horse would not have put up with. Once we were done and I had moved him to his more familiar cross-ties, he continued squealing and kicking out when I touched his side or his belly, so I kept petting him and telling him "no" when he did something bad, making soothing noises when he didn't, until he settled down again. And even dropped. But I did not have my gloves on at that point, and I decided to end it on a positive note, so there was some hand grazing.

That made things okay again. *shudder* I have to go back in after that bean eventually though. DO NOT WANT.

By the way, I don't know what you call this on a horse... on a dog it's called a dewclaw.

This one is kind of getting long. Should I be doing something with it? Or should I just leave it be? I am guessing the answer is leave it be...


MaggieMae said...

It is the vestigial toe and they peel off on their own. Good luck with the bean, we have to tranq the gelding I ride, he hates it so much.

Evergrey said...

Thank you. :D

Re- tranqing. I think I'll call the vet and ask her if I should get an IM Ace shot and just tranq him to get the bean, because getting kicked is not something I'm hoping to do any time soon, hah!