Hi, I'm Ev. I'm training to become a horsewoman. These are my adventures and misadventures. I'm green as hell, but so far, so good. I'm now learning from Bo (and sometimes his wife DeDe) at D&D Ranch in Pope Valley. I am extremely lucky to have this opportunity, I feel quite blessed, and I feel that they, and horses, have really turned my life around.
Solomon is my baby- a big old flea bitten grey Appendix gelding who is very kind and way too smart! I love him so very much. He is a rescue and was meant to be co-owned rehabbed, and maybe rehomed to a good home. He turned out to be over 25 years old with injuries that ultimately do not make him riding sound, so he is retired.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What interests me the most

Big update tomorrow, with lots of photos and perhaps a video or two.

Just as a teaser, Solomon chased me around today! I had the feed pan, haha. He can get nervousmaking close with his neck over my shoulder and still not step on me, thank the gods. But see, he was voluntarily RUNNING. And walking down the gravel road. And trotting around and around in the roundpen long after we said whoa and stopped signalling. Solomon got a trim and shoes today.I don't know enough about shoeing to form an opinion aside from seeing him RUN and PLAY and step high even on the roads.

Anyway, what interests me, in terms of equestrian pursuits.

1. Trails trails trails. I want to spend a day in the hills, wandering, wading through rivers and standing on ridges, drinking in the view. Just ambling along.

2. Working cattle. Yeah I know, weird, but I'd love to help move a herd. Keep the cattle in line. Do something constructive.

3. A parade. I'm told Sol has done it before. I think it'd be something of a triumph for both of us to do it.

4. Okay, I confess... Bo has me all kinds of interested in rein cow horse stuff. The history. The skill. The lightness when done right.

5. I want to try my hand at making tack. Maybe I will suck at it, but it would be great fun to try it! I want to start with reins. I have a leatherworker friend who could show me how... my two sets of reins? They suck. One is nylon and the other is cheap cheap stiff leather painted black and cracking. Then maybe a bridle. Then maybe get back into working with silver, and maybe smithing up some show bling. I am an artist, I... WAS an artist by trade. I would like to try something new. And what a feeling it would be, to deck my lovely boy out in his own made for him bridle and reins? And maybe even someday a bit. I saw $10,000 bits today, and no I cannot afford that. BUT. Wouldn't it be the coolest thing ever to make a bit shaped just for Sol's mouth, with some awesome design on the sides? Valknots or something, ohhh yeah.

6. Oh and while I'm veering... I have the beginnings of a world to write a book in rattling around in my head. Yes, the horse will be very important in the book. Perhaps more details later. :)

But yeah. I saw a photo of folks riding through a river today and I thought "that looks incredibly fun." Poor Solomon... I'm more playful than he is, hah. But maybe he'd like swimming?


MaggieMae said...

Swimming with horses is great fun. Did it all the time growing up, now I want to do it again...

Sounds like this move was the best thing EVER!

Yay for ddranch!

Evergrey said...

Someday we'll swim, yar!

Ddranch has done so many wonderful things for us. I am ever so grateful.