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Solomon is my baby- a big old flea bitten grey Appendix gelding who is very kind and way too smart! I love him so very much. He is a rescue and was meant to be co-owned rehabbed, and maybe rehomed to a good home. He turned out to be over 25 years old with injuries that ultimately do not make him riding sound, so he is retired.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Working hard at doing a whole lot of nothing.

So a week and a half or so ago I bought this guy a couple of boxes of diapers that he said were for his twin babies. He promised that he would pay me back today at 1:45 pm. I would love to tell you a heartwarming story about the goodness and honor of my fellow man, but he probably suckered some store into taking it as a return and shot the profits up into his veins. Of course he didn't show. Do I understand people who lie and prey upon the good intentions of others? Nope. Never have. I guess that's why I'm so easily suckered sometime.
Oh well, I still can look myself in the eye when I look into the mirror at night. Of course, so can a sociopath.

Anyway, I decided to spend the afternoon and early evening with much better company, a.k.a. Solomon. He was chasing the John Deere around the pasture when I got there, but he came to me when I called him. He wasn't with the herd, yet again. Hrm.

It was way up there again today. Maybe triple digits, maybe not. Flies were worse than normal, and so were the wasps. I coated myself in skin-so-soft. It did nothing to keep the flies away. It doesn't seem to help Solomon either. I sprayed some endure on my hair. Dire warnings of doom and gloom decorate the bottle. Meh.

Breakfast for me was a banana I shared with Solomon. Solomon also got some apples from the little orchard on the property. Solomon got brushed, and had his hooves picked. I discovered more thrush today. Rather frustrating. It turns out that it ate some pockets out of his foot sort of UNDER the frog, deep up in there. I scraped it out as gently as I could. Solomon fought like hell when I cleaned his right front, though that one didn't need much scraping. It's the left front that was really bad. He tried so hard to get that foot away from me. It was almost scary, but I knew I couldn't give in, or he'd try it again. Eventually he gave up and let me finish. Didn't resist with the back feet.
I pulled out my little ThrushBuster bottle and poured a bit on all of his feet, into that space between the frog and the hard parts of the inside of the hoof. I think I poured a little too much, because the front of all four of his hooves is now purple at the toe. A rather impressive shade of purple at that. Well, he has purple French tips now, but that's better than thrush. It ought to take care of the last of it, I think. His feet are nice and dry nowadays. Occasionally he steps in some manure and gets a bit stuck in there, but mostly his feet are clean.

The feeding guys came by, and though they tossed the flakes in the other paddocks, they politely placed Sol's flakes in his feeding bin and smiled at me. Nice guys. While he ate, Solomon got a nice long massage. No flinching anywhere, far as I could tell.
I thought I'd try a short little lunge session just to see how he was moving, but that... was an epic fail. Yeah, he wasn't having any of it. Walking is going well, however. He leads even without the line, and is getting better and better at stopping when I stop, or stopping when I say "ho." We walked all the way from the round pen back to his paddock with the lead line draped over his neck. My hand was right by it, of course, in case I needed to grab it. But it went well. He even stopped when I asked him to.
I am out of senior feed, and my friend who buys it off the track hasn't been able to get more to me in a little while. Solomon is getting plenty to eat now, but I still like to give him a scoop a day of LMF because it has lots of good for him stuff in it, and he's still a little bit on the thin side. When Solomon got to the grain room, he stopped in his tracks, looked at his trash can, which I have never opened in his line of sight, but which he learned the location of by hearing me scoop his feed, looked at me, looked at his grain can, and looked at me again. Then he took a step towards his can. Uh, no, I don't think so, boyo. So he got lead by the rope the last 10 feet to his stall. :p

On the way back to the pasture, I went to put my purse in the car, and Solomon stuck his head in the door and I swear to you that for a moment it looked like he was actually going to try to climb in. My horse is such a dork. Just like his mamma. No, Solly, Saturn sedans are not for hosses. At least he stopped the moment I said "stand." Can you imagine that call to the vet?
"Uh, doctor? I don't think my horse is very normal. Y'see..."
Plus, if he HAD managed to climb in there somehow, I have no idea how I'd have gotten him out again. Heh.

So we walked to the pasture with no problems, and I let him go with his fly mask on. Hopefully it will still be on tomorrow. We shall see. I stayed and watched Solomon after I let him loose, and he walked most of the way back to the herd, where there was still hay, but he didn't really join them. He doesn't really have any new horse-caused wounds on him that I can see, so I don't think he's getting beat up, but he doesn't really seem to be a part of the herd yet, either.

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Puh-leeze said...

Let go of the diaper guy. If he scammed you, so be it, and he may have an addiction to feed. Not that that's an excuse, but you will know not to give *that* particular guy money next time. Honestly, if someone's gonna scam, I think they should make it a BIG one, don't you? A few sets of diapers is simply not worth it. Don't feel badly, either. Yah, maybe that coulda gone to someone who really needed food for a day, but the alternative is closing your eyes to the misery around you. If you took that route, you wouldn't have found Sol.

Sorry I have been MIA for a while. School's pretty busy. I am still following Sol's progress and it sounds like you have a winner to help you in What'shernameWolf. Many times, the proportional learning and advancing curve is wayyyyy easier with another pair of hands and eyes.

And, the mismatched tack thing? OMFG, whatever WORKS is whatever is best. Unless you are planning to hop right into the show ring, you want safe, durable, comfortable, cheap, and then matching, in that order. Relax, girlfriend. You'll be fine.

Peace to you, and best wishes.