Hi, I'm Ev. I'm training to become a horsewoman. These are my adventures and misadventures. I'm green as hell, but so far, so good. I'm now learning from Bo (and sometimes his wife DeDe) at D&D Ranch in Pope Valley. I am extremely lucky to have this opportunity, I feel quite blessed, and I feel that they, and horses, have really turned my life around.
Solomon is my baby- a big old flea bitten grey Appendix gelding who is very kind and way too smart! I love him so very much. He is a rescue and was meant to be co-owned rehabbed, and maybe rehomed to a good home. He turned out to be over 25 years old with injuries that ultimately do not make him riding sound, so he is retired.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Rain rain and more rain

It has been raining a lot, but we need so much more!
I sort of had to float my car through a couple of (not very deep) floods yesterday.
Found a second cut in Sol's fetlock... I think it had sealed up but he was galloping in turnout and it opened up. Gah. I scrubbed it out. Hopefully it'll look a little better today. We'll be taking it easy. I'll turn him out if I can but I won't go in there and run around with him.

Solly rolled and got nice and muddy. While we were hand-grazing I asked a passing boarder if she had seen a grey horse, as I seem to have lost mine.

Tried to curry him when I put him back, but I just got a curry comb caked in mud, heh. Losing battle this time of year!

It's unfortunate about his wound still being open and not scabbing yet. He's starting to get REALLY hot in his stall. Just getting hay and a little supplement. Poor half TB Solly.

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